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 Sedona 2013

Sedona 2013

"I've done several hikes with Sherene now and she really makes the experience worthwhile and spiritual every time. Our mutual love for hiking and nature therapy is what bought us together in the first place. She is patient yet motivating and has such a calm presence that you never feel aggresively pushed beyond your limit. She will gently challenge you to realize your own highest potential."

Annalisa Raghunandan
Founder & Owner at Camp Belly Dance

"Sherene has a very introspective & authentic energy about her. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure & her passion/knowledge in regards to connecting with your inner divine femininity & how it shows up in the earth is quite inspiring. I highly recommend Sherene & her various modalities!!!"

Jillian Holper CHt
Owner at EleMental Healing & Coaching


“Sherene Jean Marie has reflected things within me that I may not have realized if it weren’t for her. I love seeing what new healthy and delicious recipes she comes up with each day, it’s definitely a huge motivation for me to continue eating food that my body will love! Even when she shares her insight, I always know that she shares things that are relevant to living a true, authentic and loving life.”
— Sunna Zaidi
Sherene was very patient & attentive while I unloaded everything onto her. At once her voice was very comforting and helped to ground me. The script couldn’t of been more perfect for me between the grounding tree, being in nature and picking flowers as the chakra balancing/cleansing. I feel better. Thank- you! I am forever grateful and feel like I can conquer the world with my new perspective
— Ashley LaBier
"Very grounding presence
Tone of voice & cadence allowed me to feel comfortable and relaxed right away.
Thank you! "

Krystel Renee Owner At Krystel Clarity