Fasting, The Lost Health Secret

Fasting elevates our minds,  bodies and spirits and has been a traditional method to enhance healing that dates back to early civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. 

There is so much dogma and fear around the idea of fasting but shouldn't it be something to be considered as an essential part of healing and optimum well-being?  

In a culture in which it’s customary to eat three large meals a day while snacking from morning to midnight, the idea of regularly skipping meals may sound extreme. But in recent years intermittent fasting has been gaining popular attention and scientific endorsement. 



Humans have actually been fasting throughout evolution. Sometimes it was done because food was not available, and it has also been a part of most major religions, including Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.


Most people Fast every night without even realizing, that is why the first meal we eat after waking is called  BREAK-FAST. Break the FAST. Rest is essential for our bodies ability to heal its self.

To some extent eating does give us energy but it also takes energy to  digest food. So when your body is so ill with disease or cancer its better to let your system rest and focus on healing.

Believe it or not, the less you eat the longer you will live. Studies have shown how the lifespan of people in certain cultures increased due to their diets. One of the primary effects of ageing is a slower metabolism, the younger your body is, the faster and more efficient your metabolism. The less you eat, the less toll it takes on your digestive system


3 Reasons Why Fasting is Essential 

1) Your Body Needs To Rest


Fasting gives your digestive system a rest, and this can energize your metabolism to burn through calories more efficiently. If your digestion is poor, this can effect your ability to metabolize food and burn fat. Intermittent fasts can regulate your digestion and promote healthy bowel function, thus improving your metabolic function.


In the fasting state, the body scours for dead cells, damaged tissues, fatty deposits, tumors and abscesses, all of which are burned for fuel or expelled as waste. Diseased cells are dissolved in a systematic manner, leaving healthy tissue. The result is thorough the cleansing of the tubes, membranes and cellular structures. Ingestion of mucus-forming foods clogs the body's microscopic tubes and membranes, all of which are the highways used by the immune system. Fasting dissolves this internal mucus. During a fast it is common for the nose, throat and ears to pass sticky mucus, clogging the sinuses. Strands of mucus may be found in the stool after the first bowel movement. There is a remarkable redistribution of nutrients in the fasting body. It hangs on to precious minerals and vitamins while metabolizing on old tissue, toxins and inferior materials.

Fasting intensifies healing as deep tissue and tired organs are repaired rapidly. To heal illness the body must pull all of its resources toward cleansing and repairing by removing appetite and reducing or stopping digestion. Wounded animals will fast, emerging to eat only after their injury or broken bones have healed. There are testimonies of people’s old wounds aching during a fast for the first time in years; unnecessary scare tissue is being broken down as fuel. This is the reason why there is little desire to eat food when sick—the body wants to focus all of its resources on healing

2) Inner Peace


Fasting allows you to take a break from the worries of eating so you can send your mental intention inward and reflect on self. Creating a space for us, taking our attention inward, so we can listen and become quiet. Improving our mental clarity and focus, Fasting leads us to greater freedom, flexibility, and energy to get done the things that are important to you. That quiet quality time, you with you, will also manifest, if you are willing, a greater sense of kinship with your Inner Being. Which in return elevates the stillness in knowing your own inner peace.


3) Connecting To Spirit

Religions have been practicing Fasting since the beginning of mankind. It is when we stop searching without and start looking within that we find the answers we have been seeking. Fasting as a method to connect to Spirit is not a secret, in fact it is probably more of the popular reasons people fast. Although in this modern age, how often is it you hear of someone doing a water fast? I'm sure if you told someone you were partaking in a Liquid Fast you would receive some type of lecture that your doing more harm than good... from a person that has done little research on the topic. We have been mislead that we NEED to eat to live.


During a fast, you deliberately let go of that which binds you to this physical world--food--in order to receive all your sustenance from the spiritual world. You determine that for a period of time you will deny your physical cravings to focus on your spiritual cravings. You allow your spiritual hunger to become stronger and more focused. You feed your spirit with the same enthusiasm with which you feed your body. Spiritual hunger takes priority over physical hunger.

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