Sherene bean

Catalyst Of The Healing Arts

Nestled in the Sonoran Desert
she strives to connect matter with all aspects of consciousness

Sherene nurtures the infinite light that exists in our being and allows you to embrace the Divine Feminine within

Her emphasize on Mind, Body & Spirit is revolutionizing Peoples Lives, Energy Work, Guided Imagery and Wholeness.

She has been exploring planet earth for the past 26 years and awoken to her spiritual journey in 2009 while she made the conscious choice to eat more plant based foods. Being in harmony with the rhythms of nature has been a passion of hers ever since.

This has lead Sherene on a journey of empowering others & myself with expressions of art using vibration, guided imagery/hypnosis, crystals, paint & food


Sherene has developed a distinct practice that empowers, educates and inspires women everywhere. Using Art, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing and Crystals to take us into our inner world.

This world of imagery and emotion full of visions and feelings is where we transform the primal characteristics of our unconscious and subconscious into divine intelligence.

Awakening to this power within manifests a reality that supports our highest good.

Sherene creates a safe space that allows us to dive deep into infinite waters to discover our truth.


Transforming Minds, Bodies and Spirits with Clean Eating, Guided Imagery and Art

Our subconscious is flooded with the idea that creating a healthy lifestyle is not easy, affordable or in our reach...


We have been lead to believe that eating habits are only a choice
What we crave is only "natural"
Our desires are only dreams
& we are taught how to numb ourselves down with entertainment and food

I am here to teach you that our current paradigm is false and that we are actually here on earth to experience our infinite potential.


Certified Transformational

Reiki Master


Holistic Nutrition Coach



Graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts


Associate Degree in Holistic Healthcare Concentrations in:

Mind-Body Transformational Psychology